Coming to common rooms 10 august

tardy: ready and disabled

Tardy: Ready and Disabled | Melbourne Fringe

"I am queer, autistic and a veteran.  The idea for this show comes from an uncomfortable train station conversation where a bystander could not believe I had a right to wear my Australian Defence Medal lapel pin.  Sometimes I don’t dare add an anthropologist to my descriptors for fear that some people will simply not believe me! 

I like to say this is my first “grown up” comedy show after four years of playing with ways I could get on stage as an autistic person who struggles in a crowd of more than one person.  So the costumes and characters are gone, it's just me on a wobbly plastic chair telling quirky stories with observational comedy and word play at their core. 

I am very proud of this show.  I like mocking systems and our devotion to systems that don’t make much logical sense (at least not to me).  Poking fun at the systems of knowledge that means my intersectional identity (or anyone's identity for that matter) is a shock or source of fear to some. 

I pick from my favourite topics and focus them into the key themes that I have mocked over the years – Capitalism, Racism, Ableism and Patriarchy (or my acronym of C.R.A.P).  

The show has a theme about being late as an autistic person - late diagnosed, late bloomer.  I am joined on stage by Pepper, my MindDog assistance dog, who, largely, prevents me from being late to die by making me take my tablets by dispensing a wet nose to the face.  

I have long critiqued the systems of structural inequality that underpin the traditional medical model of disability.  This show continues that theme, with a story dotted here and there. 

The symbolism of the three empty chairs represents just how much some therapeutic systems exclude disabled people, favouring clinical voices over own voices.  

The show is fully accessible, suitable for neurodiverse audiences and AUSLAN interpreted.   

Venue: Melbourne Fringe Common Rooms - Victorian Trades Hall. 

Dates: Tuesday, 10th August AUSLAN interpreted.

Time: 7.30 pm, doors at 7.15pm. 

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