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Gin and Titters is the love child of Jacci Pillar.  What does Jacci do? Jacci Pillar is an independent producer of issues-based comedy,

based in Melbourne, Australia.

Gin and Titters is currently on hiatus while Jacci Pillar squirrels away in the academy doing a PhD. 

Who'd have thought? An autistic person achieving.  Welcome to disability PRIDE folks! 

Check out the about page for more info...


Jacci created Gin and Titters in 2016.  The name is a play on words from the fact they have to have a gin and tonic before going on stage (just one!) to gain bravery to say the things most people won't say in public.  Now they don't need the gin, but the name stuck. 

The idea of Gin and Titters is to assist local and aspiring social justice driven comedians (Alice Springs at inception) get gigs.  It’s also to find and develop new comedy ideas.

If you are a comedian with a social justice message, they are your producer of choice.

If you are a local venue that wants to host a social justice inspired comedy event, get in touch. 

If you are a charity or local social justice inspired organisation that wants to fundraise with a comedy event, get in touch.  


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