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Melbourne FRINGE 2022


People call Jacci Pillar an overachiever, but they really want a Goldstar Failure award. Goldstar failure is when it takes dropping out of five degrees to finish two to become a social scientist, when you don’t even like people. It’s three cis-het relationships, only to come out asexual and gay. Jacci can’t decide if they are an anthropologist who does comedy, or a comedian doing a political science PhD or if they are just a joke. This barbed nerdy narrative and poorly composed musical comedy, will have you cheering for more failure!


6 - 8 Oct & 11 - 14 Oct 5.45 pm, Sun 9 Oct 4.45pm at Festival Hub: Trades Hall -

Music Room, Cnr Lygon and Victoria St, Carlton

Tickets from

Artwork by the awesome Garry Foster

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