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Stories by pissed off Renters in Victoria

It's common knowledge Victoria's renting environment is...well...banana's.

Check out why at

Evicted will tell your stories as a way of pushing back and having some fun too.  It's a conscious attempt to collect shitty tales from people who've been screwed over by no cause evictions, and landlords who claim to be moving family back in (for a month), so they can give you 60 days to get out and then hike up the rent.

This fuedalism like system is particularly tough on people with disabilities, who are fleeing violence or need stability.  It's fair to say we all need stability in our home life - so these laws basically are about fairness for landlords and no one else.

RENTING should not make you a second class citizen! In some countries rent is capped, you can rent for life and you can be safe in your tenancy and there is no stigma associated with renting.

So anonymously tell us your story and we will turn it into a poem or song and put it on stage - aiming to rattle the establishment a little.  You can delight in the fact we mocked the hell out of the system with your story. 

We will advertise dates for "EVICTED" events where we will feature your story (completely anonymously).

 Email your story to 

We promise we will keep it safe and not reveal your identity. 

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