Dr Brian King

Genre/s: Anecdotal, Character, Deadpan, Insult, Observational, Satire/Topical  

About: Dr. Brian King is an acclaimed comedian and public speaker who travels the world as a performer and an instructor. By day he conducts seminars to more than ten thousand people each year on the health benefits of humor. By night he entertains them in comedy clubs.


He was the founder and producer of the highly reviewed Wharf Room Comedy show in San Francisco; has worked with such talents as Will Durst, Rick Shapiro, Mo Mandel, Laurie Kilmartin, and Steven Pearl; and produces the annual Bay Area comedy competition Walk the Plank.


His new book "The Laughing Cure" draws both from his insight as a psychologist, and his experiences as a comedian.

Profanity: Sometimes - happy to tone down as venue requires

Rating: Parental Guidance to General audiences

Performance ready? Absolutely.  Brian has been performing professionally since 2009.  He is happy to come back to the land Downunder on request! 

Grab a copy of Brian's book from the following websites: 
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