Comedians - local and visiting

Are you a local or visiting comic

wanting to perform issues based comedy?

Funny folks

Genre/s: Anecdotal, Observational, Satire, Musical, Historical.

Topics or themes: Anti-shame, anti-consumerism, women’s sexual rights,  autism awareness. 


Genre/s: Anecdotal, Character, Deadpan, Insult, Observational, Satire/Topical  

Topics or themes:  By day he speaks and runs seminars on resilience and the healalth benefits of humor. By night he entertains them in comedy clubs.


Jacci Pillar

Dr Brian King

Genre/s: Sound effects, Ventriloquism, Anecdotal, Observational, Satire, Musical, Character.

Topics or themes: Anti-shame, Disability rights, Motor Sport, Euky (ventriloquism).



Tim Read

Danny Sgro

Genre/s: Observational.  

Topics or themes: Anti-racism, Danny Sgro - international pants man - come for the show. Stay for the pants.


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