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Gin and Titters is the love child of Jacci Pillar.  What does Jacci do? Jacci Pillar is an independent producer of issues-based comedy,

based in Melbourne, Australia.  


Jacci Pillar
 does production stuff and sometimes gets on stage



Jacci needs to update all their websites and apologizes for the chaos! Doing a PhD sort of messes with things. 

2021 Jacci got back on stage with a piano for Midsumma Festival with the Things You Can't Say in Front of your Father line up at Pride of Our Footscray. 

2020 heralded Jacci's continued production support for disability and queer arts.  They are proud to announce their first solo show for MICF 2020 - Tardy.  BUT COVID totally fucked that one up. 

Jacci’s biggest 2019 triumph was putting a bunch of artists together to tear down the establishment for the opening night of the Melbourne Fringe. A showcase of identity, diversity and pride, Tickets on Myself, at Victorian Trades Hall brought together First Nations, Trans, Neurodiversity, Mad Pride, Disability Sexuality performers. “Tickets” (as it’s affectionately known) is coming back in 2020 as a regular feature at Common Rooms (in Victorian Trades Hall). 

Jacci's previous productions were:

2019 "Labelled II: Tickets on Myself" and  Pic-a-Dick for Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  They were also part of the Mad Pride line up for MICF 2019.

2018  "Vagina Monolaughs" about gender inequality, a showcase of four female comedians presenting on topics like sexual harassment, sexism and with some women’s rights historical narrative wrapped around their stories.  This raised funds for the Working Women’s Centre in the Northern Territory.  

“Total Vagina” which focused on reproductive rights, fundraising for the Midwives of the Northern Territory and was a combination of musical, skits and narrative storylines, all with a splash of history.  Yes, they wore a costume that was a large vulva for this show, but the content was educational, not crass. 

Labelled, their first solo show,  about growing up Autistic and gender politics toured Sydney and 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festivals. 

2017 They were part of the Three Blokes and a Broad line up at Adelaide Fringe in 2017. 

Jacci created Gin and Titters in 2016.  The name is a play on words from the fact they have to have a gin and tonic before going on stage (just one!) to gain bravery to say the things most people won't say in public.  Now they doesn't need the gin, but the name stuck. 

The idea of Gin and Titters is to assist local and aspiring social justice driven comedians get gigs.  It’s also to find and develop new comedy ideas.

If you are a comedian with a social justice message, they are your producer of choice.

If you are a local venue that wants to host a social justice inspired comedy event, get in touch. 

If you are a charity or local social justice inspired organisation that wants to fundraise with a comedy event, get in touch.  


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